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Why are reusables better than disposables?

Switching to reusables may mean a little more of an investment upfront, but the cost is not reoccurring so they quickly pay for themselves, unlike disposables that you are constantly having to replace and buy more. Reusables also help decrease the amount of garbage you create and as a result lower your carbon footprint.

How do I wash my reusables?

Our reusables can be washed in cold, warm, or hot water. However for best results wash on cold and line dry. If you aren't afraid of a little shrinkage then toss them in the dryer with any load. 

Will my Reusable Paper Towels stain?

If you get anything that stains on them, spaghetti sauce, coffee, or red wine, just take it to the sink and rinse it out. It will come out but if you let it sit for 2 days, it’s going to stain.

If you do have a stain you can’t get out, white vinegar, oxi-clean, or dish soap will do the trick.

We’ve been using our personal set for 5 years and it has pretty minimal staining.

How do you store the dirties until laundry day?

The thought of storing used TP until laundry day may seem daunting, but rest assured it's very simple! Most of our customers have a small basket or wet bag beside their toilet and after use they are placed directly into the bin. Since there is air flow in the bin, there is virtually no smell whatsoever. This is why we recommend this method. Putting them in an air tight container may seem better, but it can hold in the odor which makes dumping them into the washer an unpleasant task.

Can you use fabric softeners?

Technically yes, but do we recommend it? NO! The use of fabric softeners can leave a coating on your reusables which makes them less absorbent.

How long do Reusable Paper Towels last?

Many, many, many years. Once they do bite the dust, no need for garbage, just cut the threads off and feel free to toss them in your compost!

Is it normal for my reusables to start pilling after the wash?

Yes, pilling is normal! When cotton flannel is washed it will pill over time, and actually helps reusables perform better.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours after the order has been placed if it hasn't shipped yet. Email us at porterleeshandmade@gmail.com if you would like to cancel. 

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping is calculated at checkout and is based on weight and destination of the package. You can preview different shipping options before you place your order.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We definitely do! We love wholesale and would be so excited to work with your awesome business. Send us an email with a little bit about your business to porterleeshandmade@gmail.com or send us a message here and we will get back to you with our line sheet and info on how to place an order.