Reusable Paper Towels, The Best Paper Towel Alternative & How to Use them

Reusable Paper Towels, The Best Paper Towel Alternative & How to Use them

The Best Reusable Paper Towel Alternative & How to Use them

Even though most of us have plenty of cloth kitchen towels and colorful dish sponges around, the allure of paper towels is irresistible — whether you accidentally spill wine on your carpet or your pet leaves you a surprise in the living room, paper towels are great precisely because you don’t have to reuse them.

But we all know paper towels are bad for the environment and create a lot of paper waste — they’re single-use, often chemically bleached, and made out of trees via a chemical-laden process. 

If you’re looking to be a better friend to the environment — but you really want to keep that paper towel option open — Reusable Paper Towels are going to be your new best friend!

What are Reusable Paper Towels?

What if each square of your current paper towel roll lasted for more than just one spill? Imagine how many you’d save in just one day! Well, Reusable Paper Towels are just that. Made out of 100% cotton flannel, reusable paper towels are very similar to their conventional counterparts, making the swap to reusable painless.

But unlike conventional paper towels, reusables are super-strong and are compostable at the end of their lifespan. You can use them over and over again for years to come — just machine or handwash between uses and you’re ready to use again. We have been using the same set of towels for over 5 years!

How do Reusable Paper Towels work? A step-by-step guide

  • Wash your reusables before use

To get the most out of your Reusable Paper Towels, it's important to wash before use. Why, you ask? Our Reusable Paper Towels are made from 100% cotton flannel and flannel becomes more absorbent the more you wash. Typically, it takes 8-10 washes for your towels to reach max absorbency. And remember, do not wash any reusables with fabric softener, they can leave a coating that can reduce absorbency. 

  • Use like regular paper towels

Just like your conventional paper towels, reusables can be rolled onto a tube and used with any standard paper towel holder. Use them for cleaning, dinner napkins, or putting over your bowl in the microwave. 

  • Wash and reuse

After washing using the instructions above you are ready to reuse for years to come! Yes, it really is that simple.

  • Ready to compost?

When you feel like your reusables have reached the end of their life span, simply cut the threads off the sides and toss. Then your Reusable Paper Towels are ready to compost!


Reusable Paper Towels tend to get a bad rap, with a reputation for being less convenient to use than disposables. But this notion is outdated. At Porter Lee’s, we know that this stereotype about Reusable Paper Towels exists and that’s why we handmake ours to make sure they are designed for durability and function, so you can tackle any mess without having to worry about the damage that single use towels cause to the environment. They’re versatile enough to be used for anything from absorbing floor spills, cleaning countertops and glass windows, or even wiping off a baby’s hands and face.


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